use gifs to create engaging internal comm

While many continue to work in isolation, GIFs bring us together.

Not to be confused with memes or emojis, GIFs can be best described as short, soundless, looping videos.

These cheeky little videos have come a long way since the 90s. And now they’ve become an acceptable and engaging form of employee communication.

Why should you encourage employees to embrace GIFs?

GIFs are simple, and they help you convey emotions when it’s hard to find the right words.

They make us laugh and lift our spirits; and we SO need that right now!

And it’s easy for anyone to share GIFs using social platforms like Yammer, Microsoft Teams and even Zoom.

And I assure you, there is a GIF for every occasion.

To rally the troops.


To celebrate finishing a huge project.


When a coworker posts a photo of the banana bread he just baked.

To sum up the virtual learning situation.


And when you just can’t deal anymore…

It’s amazing how you can carry on conversation without using a single word!

During a time when we all need to feel closer to others, GIFs are just what we need.


But if you can’t seem to find the right GIF, create your own on sites like GIPHY.

Have fun!


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