Most of us have been focused on crisis communication over the last four weeks and as we settle into alternate work arrangements, you may be considering what’s next for communication. It’s the perfect time to ask employees.

Here are four methods designed to help you set communication priorities for the next few months:

  1. Use quick research methods to ask employees how they’re doing and for their feedback on recent communication efforts. Keep it simple; for example, a five-question spot survey or a focus group (or two). And during these days of social distancing, why not try a proven approach: web-based focus groups?
  2. Interview senior leaders about the questions they’re getting from employees. Their responses will help you identify the communication gaps that need to be filled.
  3. Give managers a simple assignment: Ask them to meet with their teams and come up with a question for senior leaders. The topics that surface can help you ramp up leader communication and provide content ideas for corporate-wide channels, such as the intranet or a weekly news round up. 
  4. Set up digital Q&A forums. This is a good time to experiment; for example, use chat during a web-based town hall or set up a dedicated channel on your internal social tool. Track the questions, categorize them and develop content based on the themes. 
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