project director

Liz helps clients get to the heart of what matters to employees by using her expertise in communication planning, research and implementation. Since joining Davis & Company, Liz has worked with clients, such as BD and New York Public Library.

Prior to joining Davis & Company, Liz worked with the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Communications team to manage several internal and external publications and events.

Liz received a bachelor's degree in sociology from Penn State University and holds a master’s degree in communication and information studies from Rutgers University.

Q&A with Liz Leyland

What makes Davis & Company special?
Every single person at Davis & Company wants you to be successful and will do whatever he or she can to make that happen.

What scares you?
Web articles over 1,000 words with NO pictures.

If you were to choose another profession, what would it be?
I’d take the starring role of Christine Daaé in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. (A girl can dream.)