project specialist

As a former NCAA athlete, Jenna knows that drive, determination and perseverance—along with collaboration and teamwork—are critical to scoring the big plays.

Prior to joining Davis & Company as a project specialist, Jenna served as a communications associate with WordWorks, LLC, where she learned the importance of storytelling to foster employee engagement. Janssen and BD are just two examples of clients Jenna has had the opportunity to work with since joining Davis & Company.

Jenna earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual media arts and marketing from Emerson College.

Q&A with Jenna Tomsky

What makes Davis & Company special?
The tight-knit comradery

What's your passion?
I’m passionate about good food and friends. I’m a very adventurous eater that lives life by continuously planning my next meal. Food is a universal language – a bridge between cultures – and it definitely is a priority and passion that I’m grateful to value so much.

What’s your secret for overcoming writer’s block?
It depends on the project, but most often I like to leave it alone and let insomnia do the work. Sort of a “watched-pot-never-boils” mentality. It will come to you in due time!