Designers and writers collaborating on communication strategy


If you want communication to resonate with employees, your writing and design teams need to be BFFs, working together to create compelling content. Before drafting copy or sketching concepts, take a step back and follow these two steps:


1. Explore the user experience
This is the interaction a user has with a product, service or event. To help envision the desired state, writers and designers should work together to determine:

ObjectivesWhat do you want to accomplish from the shared message? Are you teaching employees about a new program, do they need to take action, such as attend an upcoming event?

AudienceWhat’s in it for them? Why should employees read this communication? Is the content tailored to their needs?

ChannelHow is your audience experiencing this information? This answer comes after you nailed down your objective and audience. For example, do you want to make an impact? Consider creating a splashy poster that grabs the eye within seconds. Or are you communicating complex material? Make sure employees can digest it—try breaking down ideas into a chart or infographic.


2. Collaborate consistently
Now it’s time to work together to create your content. Of course, that can be challenging with most people working remotely. Here’s how to do so in a virtual world:

Brainstorming sessionsKickoff your project by inviting your design team and other expertise (depending on the experience you want to accomplish) to a meeting. Diversity of thought is a great way to get creative juices flowing and spark ideas for messaging and design. For example, designers think visually and can help you come up with a theme for your messaging early on, which is a great way to bring your content to life.

Informal check-insThe creative process should be fluid, no need for formal meetings. Call your designer when you have an idea or to pick their brain! It’s as simple as: “I’m stuck on this, what do you think?” or “Can I run this idea by you?” Informal conversations keep the momentum and can help solve each other’s challenges.

IM chatsCreate an instant messaging chat on your company’s platform (e.g., Zoom, Skype, Slack, etc.) to keep the ideas flowing. Chats allow you to share work you’re inspired by and are a great quick, convenient way to connect.

You’ll discover that when writers and designers work together from day one, not only will the task at hand be easier to accomplish, your team will deliver compelling content.