Employees are restless readers—if you can’t grab their attention in your headline, they will skip your message and move on. Twitter is full of ideas for catchy headlines. Here are some tips based on Twitter’s “most-clicked” tweets.

Tip   Rationale   Most popular tweets
Ask a question. Questions entice people to read more to find the answer—especially if it’s on an interesting or provocative topic.
  • Want to remember everything you’ll ever learn?
  • What happens when one of the world’s best violinists plays in a metro station for change?
Tell them how. People want to know how your message relates to their world. Explain how to do something that makes their lives easier.
  • How to learn any language in three months
  • How to fold a t-shirt in two seconds
Use powerful words. The most commonly used words in the top tweets were: best, most, worst and great.
  • The best job in the world is taking applications now
  • The worst Twitter post ever?