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The COVID-19 crisis has required organizations to respond to government and economic forces by making major changes. For employees, this disruption is naturally causing anxiety. But if you have a solid plan for communicating organizational change, you’ll help calm employees’ fears.

Here are three tips to help employees deal with an upcoming change:

Create a compelling (and familiar) narrative.

When introducing what’s changing, tie your messaging back to your organization’s core mission. This will give employees a point of reference for why this change is important and how it positively affects your organization. Plus, this connection will make the change seem far less foreign than it did before.

Keep employees dialed in.

Change communication is never a one-and-done affair—at least not if you want it to be successful! Keep employees informed throughout the change with clear messaging. Let them know what’s changing and if action needs to be taken. This clear and consistent communication builds employees’ confidence not only in the new initiative, but in their role as well.

Empower leaders and managers to champion your change.

No matter how well you communicate what’s changing, employees are bound to have questions and concerns. So, give them someone to turn to by transforming leaders and managers into change champions. How? Simply provide them with resources (like talking points, one-pagers or FAQs) that’ll help them answer questions and set a positive example during the change. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!