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The pandemic is putting pressure on internal communication channels to work even harder. And perhaps you’re realizing that it’s time for a refresh or overhaul, such as changing your content mix or reducing email.

Remember the intranet metrics you collected recently or the survey you completed last year? That data can help you make quick changes that will improve employees’ satisfaction with your channels.

Here are some hypothetical datapoints and what you can do to improve employee communication channels:




Your intranet has low participation Gather metrics to determine usage of key pages: Where do you see high and low participation? Leverage that data to redesign pages or refresh content.
A channel has high participation but low effectiveness Hold focus groups to ask specific questions about the channel, such as ideas for improvements.
Employees want to change frequency: more (or less) communication Run a few interviews to determine what drives this preference and then tailor a plan to achieve it.
Employees suggest more transparent communication from leadership Audit leader communication, find gaps, and train leaders about being more honest and open.
Employees want communication to be more relevant Research opportunities for employees to manage communication, such as opt-in emails or customized views on the internet. Audit employee locations and groups, then evaluate the need for regional or team-based communication.