It is a great time to think about employee demographics and how to best reach and engage your organization’s workforce. A common challenge communicators face is that employees are spread out in various locations and have different needs and preferences. While it’s unwise to take a one-size-fits-all approach, print publications are an effective tool for communicating to a diverse workforce. Here are some considerations for using print to support your organization’s demographics:

Workgroup Why print works for this demographic
Manufacturing Individuals spend the majority of their time on the factory floor and have little or  no access to electronic communication. As a result, most rely on print publications (located in break rooms or literature racks) to stay informed.
Customer Service Similar to manufacturing employees, customer service reps have limited time for reading internal e-mail announcements or exploring the intranet during working hours. 
Remote workers Individuals, such as flight attendants and repair/service personnel, don’t have a designated office space. As a result, they rely on hard-copy materials sent to their homes to stay informed.
Sales Many sales reps consider their car as their workplace. Similar to remote workers, sales reps value print because of its portability.
IT Your IT team is overloaded with communication (e-mail, voicemail, etc.). Print publications cut through the clutter and create interest.