In a world where employees are pressed for time and attention spans have dwindled to 8 seconds, you need to create quick, bite-sized morsels of information that will cut through the clutter.

Infographics (visual representations of data) are a great way to communicate a lot of information at a glance. They are particularly useful for explaining complex processes or programs.

So how do you create compelling, attention-grabbing infographics that will successfully communicate your initiative?

Here are five tips:

Consider your audience
Identify your target demographics and tailor your design, layout and copy to meet their needs.

Be a storyteller
Develop a character or scenario that employees can relate to. Keep in mind, every story has a beginning, middle and end. Infographics are no different.

Show, don’t tell
Boil your language down to strong, concise points. A good infographic will rely on visuals, not words, to get the message across. Ask yourself: “Would this make sense without the text?” If the answer is yes, get rid of excess copy.

Less is more
Think about the top point(s) you’d like to make and focus on that objective. Too many ideas can dilute your message. Be visually clean to be visually clear.

Every element should have a meaning
Be strategic about every shape, color and placement. Every component should have a role or serve a purpose. If the visual doesn’t connect to a high concept, don’t include it.