Briefing managers on change communication

When it comes to change communication, leaders need help motivating their team members—especially when the going gets tough. That’s where change champions come in.

Change champions are advocates selected from across the company. Their role is to become knowledgeable about the change and to share that knowledge with fellow employees in their parts of the organization.

There are three ways change champions can help your initiative succeed. They can:

Hold change workshops.

Invite managers to workshops to get them on board. When leaders involve managers in the change process, managers will be ready to support the change and answer employees’ questions.

Help leaders facilitate exercises that encourage managers to solve challenges together. Why? Because that enlists managers to participate in the change.

  • Create profiles of typical employees. Have managers put themselves in the shoes of these employees and brainstorm their questions and the answers.
  • Ask managers to consider ways they can talk about the change.


Organize a social media discussion.

Set a date and time for leaders to interact with employees in a scheduled session on your internal social media platform.

Here’s how:

  • Hold a live Q&A for leaders to answer questions.
  • Ask employees to voice concerns and have leaders share plans to address them.

Plan a series of coffee chats with small groups of employees (12 or fewer).

Coffee chats provide a casual atmosphere to help employees feel comfortable discussing what’s on their minds. Don’t draft an agenda or design PowerPoint slides. Just let the session be a natural conversation between employees and a leader.

Provide these tips to leaders:

  • Review key messages to speak accurately about the change.
  • Use informal dialogue with employees.
  • Talk briefly and listen to employees’ feedback, concerns and questions.