Short communications video

The two-minute video has become the “go to” tool for sharing information with employees. But to quote a popular YouTube viral video: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

To grab (and keep) employees' attention, many companies are embracing a new trend called short-form social video. These videos, popularized by Instagram and Vine, are quick (between six and 15 seconds) and interactive (allowing you to share and comment).

Here are a few ways you could leverage this trend of video production in your employee communications:

1. Provide quick how-tos and DIYs

Short clips can quickly demonstrate how to do something fast. The clip below from Lowe’s “Fix in Six” series is a great example of providing how-tos in quick snippets.

2. Promote an upcoming event
Have a large event coming up, and you’re trying to generate excitement? Use a video to quickly spark interest in your event. In this clip, Dunkin’ Donuts is promoting National Donut Day with a promotion for a free beverage.

3. Bring employees into another office
Does your organization have multiple offices? Perhaps colleagues in the United States wonder what’s going on in Japan. Quickly show your employees in action at other sites. Not only is it interesting, but it also helps employees feel more connected to the company and each other. In the clip below, HubSpot shows off its new community area.

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