leader meetings


When you finally score tickets to that hot new play, you expect a groundbreaking performance. But when the star of the show takes the stage and rambles on in a monotone voice, the disappointment is crushing.

Well, that’s how employees often feel when leaders present at big company meetings. Employees expect to make a personal connection with leaders and walk away feeling energized. But it’s hard to connect with leaders who drone on with facts and figures instead of engaging their audience.

Before your leader takes the stage at your next big meeting, make sure he or she is prepared to give an award winning performance. Here are seven tips to help your leader shine: 


Have a clear objective.
Be specific about what you want employees to know and do.


Exude confidence and passion.
Don’t be afraid to show excitement or enthusiasm for your message.


Let your personality shine through.
The more authentic you are, the more employees will trust and support you.


Use metaphors.
Metaphors highlight important concepts and make complex information easy to understand.


Ask a question.
Start a dialogue with employees by posing a question, such as: how do you think the new strategy will benefit our organization?


Add an element of surprise. 
Grab your audience’s attention with something unexpected, such as leading stand up applause for a big achievement.


End with a call to action.
Conclude your presentation with a clear next step (to do) that employees can act on.