In many organizations, employees resist change because they can’t always see the immediate benefit. But when you recognize success from the change, employees are more likely to embrace their roles in the process.

Here are three ways to reinforce success and make change stick:

Demonstrate progress.

Show employees how to track the development of the change by sharing a project plan—including key steps that are relevant to employees—and update it regularly. Employees feel reassured knowing what’s been accomplished and what’s left to complete.

Other ways you can share progress:

  • Update a milestone tracker and distribute in a weekly newsletter
  • Share financial updates at a town hall to illustrate bottom-line improvement
  • Develop a series of articles and posters about employees who are demonstrating the new behaviors and making an impact

Celebrate milestones.

Make sure you celebrate the key achievements you experience during a change. Create a memorable moment to mark your success, whether you’re sharing pizza or having the CEO congratulate the team during a town hall.

Recognize employees.

Everyone loves recognition for hard work. Showcase these achievements in your communication channels:

  • Articles in a newsletter
  • Mentions during a town hall
  • An honor wall

Consider creating an award program so employees can nominate colleagues for outstanding contributions to the change initiative.