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Your newsletter is designed to provide employees with timely and useful information. But how do you know your content is meeting employees’ needs? Ask employees what they prefer and make changes based on what they say.

Here are five ways to give your newsletter a makeover to provide content employees will crave:

Speak employees’ language
Use words that employees understand—spell out acronyms and avoid using corporate jargon.

Write for skimming
Create bite-sized chunks of information and bulleted lists to organize content into short, scannable stories.

Give a lot of clues
Draw in employees with compelling headlines, multiple subheads, callouts, pictures and lead sentences that tell the story.

Focus on key questions
Always keep in mind the questions employees have. Explain why information is important to employees and how it affects their jobs.

Present a balanced picture
Be as candid and transparent as possible, reporting on challenges as well as successes.