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We know what you’re thinking: It’s only November and you’ve got a million urgent deliverables, so it’s way too early to start your employee communication plan for next year. But it’s actually an ideal time to get started. You can reflect on what worked (and didn’t) this past year, and you can start thinking strategically. Here are three steps you can take now to help stimulate your thinking and set up your plan for success. 

One Compile research 

Your employees hold the answers to create an effective communication program. That’s why you should begin with an audience analysis. Research employee demographics and review existing metrics to assess what you know about current process and preferences. 

Two Choose appropriate stakeholders

When a communication plan reflects the insight and knowledge of key stakeholders, it is more likely to gain the necessary perspective and buy in to be successful. So, why not include key stakeholders in your planning process? The “Who’s Who” of your organization can provide input to help develop the elements of your plan. 


Set planning framework 
Establish key components that will successfully guide your planning efforts and help you avoid reinventing your planning approach each year.  There isn’t a magic number of components to include, but here are some to consider:

  • Objectives: Specific outcomes you hope to achieve
  • Strategies: Methods or approaches for achieving your objectives
  • Tactics: Tools you’ll use or actions you’ll take
  • Audience/stakeholders: Individuals or groups to reach
  • Roles: Communication responsibilities of key players including leaders, managers, peers, etc.
  • Timing: Specific times/dates for completing tasks