Employees often feel about HR communication the way you feel after a Thanksgiving dinner: bursting, bloated and overindulged. The problem is that, in an effort to include enough information, communicators pile on too much.

In our recent HR Communication 2015 survey, employees said they really hunger for short and simple communication.

What can you do differently? Give employees just a taste, without filling them to the brim. Here’s how:


1. Boil communication down
Convey one simple message, focused on employees. Keep in mind: Why will employees care about this information? How might they react?


2. Set the right time
Employees spend three seconds on a message before moving on. Use clear language to help them quickly digest content.


3. Chop out a few words
Try cutting back 30 to 40 percent of your initial word count and scrap the rest. Remember, less is more!


4. Sprinkle in a few visuals
Wherever possible, use charts, graphs, tables and imagery in place of text. Nothing communicates better than compelling imagery.


5. Serve up a few action items
State clearly how employees need to take action, or do something differently.