Many employees don’t participate in wellness programs simply because they don’t know enough.

So how do you inform employees and motivate them to take action? Here are five essential communication tips:

Number 1

Use visuals to make communication inviting, fun and memorable
Icons or other simple graphics can create a recognizable identity for your program. Visuals also allow you to break out information into easy-to-read chunks and help employees quickly find what they’re looking for.

Number 2

Outline steps to make a process easy to follow
Employees need help understanding how rewards, reimbursements and other wellness activities work. Simple steps can relieve employees’ anxiety of complicated procedures.

Number 3

Provide important deadlines up front
Highlighting important dates will ensure employees don’t miss taking advantage of an option because of forgotten deadlines.

Number 4

Feature “hot topics”
Call out aspects of your wellness program that employees are interested in. A quick overview may pique an employee’s interest in the offering.

Number 5

Link out or lead to more information
Provide employees with enough to get them interested, but don’t give them the entire book of offerings up front. Choose the most important information and link out or lead to other resources.


Numbered example that includes icons, numbered list, deadlines, callout and link out to more information