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While we know that Learning & Development (L&D) may not always be top of mind for busy employees, communicating about learning opportunities signals that the organization cares about employees’ careers and their future success.

Plus, development can boost performance, which is critical during tough times.

Look at the data

In a study of more than 3,100 U.S. workplaces, a 10% increase in educational development yielded a 9% gain in productivity. And companies that offer robust training programs achieve 218% higher income per employee than companies that don’t.

Here are three strategies to create communication that promotes L&D offerings and encourages employees to participate:

Speak in a friendly, approachable voice

  • Talk about improving “skills,” not developing “competencies.”
  • Encourage employees to build “My Development Plan” instead of an “Individual Development Plan.”
  • If your program includes an online learning platform, give it a friendly name, rather than referring to it as the “LMS” or learning management system.

Highlight the benefits

  • Focus on how courses and other offerings will help employees build the skills needed in their day-to-day work.
  • Show employees how developing new skills will prepare them for future success.
  • Demonstrate how easy it is to participate in your L&D program by providing step-by-step instructions.

Use a variety of channels

  • Create a series of short articles about employees who have advanced their careers with the program.
  • Develop a dedicated intranet page that houses links to online courses and other resources.
  • Establish an online discussion forum where employees can share the courses they’ve taken and what they learned.