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Why should employees open your newsletter or visit the intranet home page? If there’s nothing new to see—just repurposed press releases and old, tired interviews—employees don’t have a good reason to pay attention to your channels.

But if you create content that’s unique—can’t find this anywhere else!—you motivate employees to spend a few minutes exploring what’s new. While the best content is built from scratch, you can upcycle any article and make it fresh and surprising. Here’s how:

1. Build "all about me" headlines
Grab employees’ attention with headlines that speak directly to them and offer a promise of the valuable content contained in the article:
  • How to set effective goals for the year
  • 5 ways to improve customer service without leaving your desk
  • Just 15 minutes during lunch can lead to better health
  • Tune into today’s town hall at 10 a.m.

2. Ask for selfies, group shots and (even) photo bombs
Include photos of real people and places—not stock photography—to create engaging images employees will relate to. Solicit photos that convey company values (like teamwork) or illustrate work on an initiative. Photos don’t have to be professional-quality, but they should feel real.

3. Quote him, her and everyone
Make content more relatable by including a quote from an employee, preferably an average person doing a normal job. Leader quotes are okay, but only if they’re authentic and candid—no corporate speak, please!