The pandemic changed the way we work. Organizations are preparing for the “new normal”—a long-term socially-distant work environment—and adjusting how they communicate with employees.

We’re here to help! In fact, we’re already working with clients to reach, engage and motivate a mix of on-site and virtual employees.

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Build a stronger community during the pandemic

With employees scattered, it can be difficult to help them feel connected and engaged. Learn how the pandemic has changed communication and see what trends to expect in the new normal.


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Resources and best practices

engage remote employees in internal communication

Overcome any communication obstacle

Our team of experts is always up for a challenge.

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employee communication services

Get help FAST!

The smart thinking we’re known for, but at a price and scope that fits your needs.

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whats next internal communication book

9 ways to reinvent employee communication (e-book)

Learn how to keep up with the latest communication trends.

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town hall meetings book

Revitalize employee town hall meetings (e-book)

Gain a new perspective on town halls and design a meeting that leaves a lasting impression.

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change communication made easy

Change communication made easy (e-book)

Create a plan that helps leaders and employees embrace change.

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employee focus groups

How to conduct employee focus groups (e-book)

Explore issues, test concepts and generate ideas to make more informed decisions.

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internal communication speakers

Hear what our experts have to say

Join us at one of our upcoming speaking engagements.

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Bring workshops to you

Enhance your team’s skills and knowledge with one of our convenient workshops.

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