Organizations are facing the next phase of the pandemic: helping employees return to the workplace safely. We’re here to help! In fact, we’re already working with clients to understand and deliver what employees need from internal communication as work arrangements shift.

Contact us to learn how we can help you connect with employees and to see samples of our current work. Or check out the resources below for tips and best practices. 

Need to develop re-entry communication quickly?

Take advantage of these two packages designed to help you jump start re-entry communication. With both, you’ll get the benefit of our strategic advice, an outside perspective, and inspiration on how to help employees feel safe and confident when they return to the workplace.

Package 1: Re-entry readiness assessment

If your organization is ready to launch new safety protocols and return to its locations, understanding employees’ attitudes and information needs will help you design effective re-entry communication.

We created two versions of a five-minute survey: one for employees and another for leaders. Our ready-to-go surveys will help you:

  • Assess effectiveness of crisis communication so far
  • Gauge readiness for re-entry in the workplace
  • Understand leaders’ communication challenges
  • Benchmark against other organizations

How it works: After fielding the survey, we’ll analyze the data and review the findings with your team. We’ll develop a full report, including a three-month communication plan.

Package 2: Back-to-the-workplace core communication materials

Based on our work with clients, we’ve developed a set of communication must-haves to provide detailed guidance on safety and protocols for employees who return to work.

These core materials will:

  • Help employees understand and demonstrate the required new behaviors
  • Motivate employees as they adjust to a new normal
  • Keep all employees engaged, regardless of whether they continue to work from home, return to a site or have been working on site

How it works: Using our communication expertise and knowledge of leading practices, we’ll collaborate with your team to develop core materials, including:

  • A guide to help employees understand return-to-work protocols
  • Posters and digital signs to reinforce safety messages in the workplace
  • Toolkits to support leaders, managers and supervisors
Reach out for an estimate customized for your situation.

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