These days employees need digital platforms that can do it all: networking, information sharing, community building, collaboration and more. The power of having a modern intranet is more apparent than ever before. That’s why, on February 16, senior project director Cheryl Ross led an IABC Philadelphia webinar on how to turn your intranet into a thriving workplace community.

Cheryl shared:

  • How to personalize digital platforms to boost the employee experience
  • What intranet best practices and strategies communicators should implement right now
  • How to leverage modern intranet features to help embed organizational culture

Whether you want to help employees connect across locations and silos or you simply want to boost engagement with your platform, you should start with a smart content strategy.

“As communicators, we are uniquely positioned to help hybrid employees feel engaged via the channels we manage,” says Cheryl. “A well-built and well-maintained intranet can provide that if you’ve got an effective strategy.”