The Davis & Company team was thrilled to kick off 2023 with a day of learning, team building and fun on January 12 in Montvale, N.J.

The full-day, in-person retreat focused on launching our 2023 goals and opening the floor for colleagues to share ideas on how to achieve them.

And since we work remotely across several states, everyone was thrilled to catch up face-to-face (and give long-awaited hugs).

In true Davis & Company style, we ditched the PowerPoint slides and made the meeting an engaging experience by:

  • Sharing our proudest moments in 2022
  • Celebrating big employee milestones—company anniversaries and promotions
  • Brainstorming ways to live our values and stay healthy in a new remote workplace
  • Enjoying an amazing lunch at a local restaurant (and the best bundt cakes ever!)

We loved the retreat so much that we’re planning to make it a biannual event. Here’s what team members had to say:

“Great retreat! Lots of interaction at each session. The food and camaraderie during the day were perfect. And being in the office together was amazing too!” —Kim Cuffe

“It was great to see people in person and get out to eat great food for lunch—all together!” —Laura Williams

“It’s so important for us to gather in person when we can. We achieved a level of collaboration and conversation that’s hard to replicate on the web. Watching every single person gather around tables to participate in brainstorms was the highlight of my day.” —Cheryl Ross