The pandemic has changed the way we work, with thousands of companies having moved to a mix of remote and office-based work arrangements over the past year.

As the hybrid workplace becomes a more permanent fixture, sustaining employee engagement can be difficult. That’s why Cheryl Ross, senior project director at Davis & Company and David Fletcher, director of Enterprise Sales at Beezy, hosted “The hybrid workplace: Why a modern intranet is your must-have tool for internal communications.”

During this webinar they shared ways to improve your digital communication space and strategies to increase connectivity.

“We’re in a situation where employees are forced to interact digitally more than ever before,” Cheryl said. “So, this is the time for us to up our game and help employees connect across different workplaces, platforms and geographies.”

During the webinar, Cheryl shared five ways to build an effective intranet strategy including:

  1. Get to know your employees
    1. Use quantitative research (surveys, metrics, demographics) and qualitative research (interviews, focus groups)
    2. Ask the right questions
  2. Define clear goals
  3. Create compelling content
    1. Make it useful, relevant and attention-capturing, recognize success and drive personal connections
  4. Get leaders involved
  5. Leverage key digital features to drive engagement

“It’s about a lot more than just the platform. Typically, what’s missing is the broader strategy,” Cheryl explained. “While you need a robust tool that has a lot of different features, you have to think about the content that’s going on that platform. It has to be compelling enough to create a space where people want and need to show up.”