Confucius said, “The key to success is the ability to adapt.” Our adaptability certainly got the ultimate test during the peak of the pandemic. Like so many others, the Davis & Company team learned how to work remotely, and we liked it so much we decided to continue as a digital-first firm. Approaching two years into this big experiment, David Pitre, our CEO, conducted one-on-one conversations with team members. We told him, “We know we can do great work virtually, but we miss our friends and daily office dynamics that make teamwork exciting and easy, and…we miss having fun together.” So, David decided to do something about it.

On a mild spring morning, David launched the Let’s Connect summer challenge. The only task? Meet a co-worker outside of work for some fun and, at the end of summer, share what you did. We brainstormed ways to connect:

  • Reach out to say hello (Remember phone calls?)
  • Schedule time to enjoy a coffee break
  • Meet for lunch
  • Read a book together
  • Do something you both enjoy (Yoga, anyone?)

But here’s the selling point that inspired participation: “If you’re stepping out for coffee or lunch, Davis & Company will pick up the tab!”

That got everyone’s attention! And the photos say it all—we had fun while connecting.

The challenge to see each other in person not only recharged friendships, but it also refreshed a sense of community among colleagues and project teams. It inspired us to keep bringing our best selves to work each day. And reminded us why we chose to work at Davis & Company in the first place.

What did we learn? Working from multiple locations means company culture is something you must actively build–and it’s worth it! Even a simple initiative such as our Let’s Connect challenge can make a big difference: encouraging conversation and boosting morale.