Alison DavisTo help aspiring writers and communicators get an affordable college education, Davis & Company, Paul B. Brown and the Rutgers University Foundation have established the Alison Davis Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship honors the memory of Davis & Company founder and Douglass College alumna Alison Davis who passed away from ovarian cancer in December 2021.

Full-time Rutgers Douglass Residential College students majoring in English, Communication or Journalism can apply to receive up to $5,000 annually for five years. A scholarship committee chooses a recipient(s) based on the student’s application and financial need.  

Alison was a rockstar in the world of internal communication and a sought-after speaker on burning communication issues. She led sessions for top companies and such organizations as The Conference Board, the Society of Human Resource Management, Public Relations Society of America and the International Association of Business Communicators.

She also wrote and edited several groundbreaking books, including: 49 Ways to Improve Employee Communication, The Definitive Guide to HR Communication, Your Attention, Please and Revitalize Town Hall Meetings.

“Alison always believed that if you were lucky enough to ride the elevator to the top, you had an obligation to send it back down for others,” said her husband, Paul B. Brown. “This scholarship is one way she’ll continue to help others achieve their goals.”

Who is Alison Davis?

Ambitious, clever and compassionate—this is Alison Davis.

From the halls of Douglass College at Rutgers University to the doors of Fortune 500 companies, Alison made her mark in the world of communication.

Alison began her career in journalism and public relations, but she wanted to reach and engage people another way.

Inspired by an assignment to help a company communicate a big change, Alison realized how important employee engagement is to the success of an organization.

Armed with this truth, she founded one of the first agencies dedicated to employee communication—Davis & Company.

For over 35 years, Alison led Davis & Company and became a beacon of light for organizations desperately trying to break through the clutter and reach employees.

Her sassy blogs were a lifesaver to communicators looking for practical ways to grab employees’ attention. And she inspired her own employees by taking time to provide “teaching moments” (parallel construction was always a hot topic) and collaborate on client projects.

Not only was she passionate about her work, but Alison was also dedicated to helping those in need—especially in New Jersey. She rallied her colleagues each year to make weekend snack packs for school children and fulfill holiday wish lists for local families.

“Alison and I started our careers together at The Rowland Company, a major PR agency,” says Valerie Di Maria, principal and founder of the10company. “We became true life-long friends, and I always admired her entrepreneurial spirit, her generosity to colleagues and her leadership in employee communications.”

Pioneer, teacher and volunteer—this is Alison Davis.