Most organizations today—especially global, complex ones—have different groups responsible for communication, from Internal Communication to HR, from corporate to divisions, from headquarters to regions. 

The result? Communication can spin out of control: there can be too much in some areas, too little in others. Employees may feel both overloaded and underinformed. And communicators find they’re working in isolation, without access to important information, internal best practices or support for big initiatives. 

So how do you deal with these challenges? You establish a communicators’ network.

Davis & Company has developed this Smart guide to show you how to create a network in seven easy-to-follow steps. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set objectives so you’re clear about what you want to accomplish before building your network
  • Establish a charter so members and key stakeholders understand your function
  • Design and facilitate network meetings
  • Develop metrics to track your progress

Improve employee communication with the help of your colleagues