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How do you determine if internal communication is getting through to employees and helping your organization reach its goals? To measure the effectiveness and demonstrate the value of employee communication, we develop a measurement strategy, collect and track data, analyze results and recommend action steps. 

To improve employee communication, sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the entire communication system. We design a comprehensive audit to evaluate how well employee communication is aligned with company goals, determine the effectiveness of each channel, identify opportunities to improve effectiveness and create a strategy for taking work to the next level.

How do you ensure that employee communication channels—such as newsletters, the intranet, emails and meetings—are achieving their objectives? We review current vehicles and rate their effectiveness against best practices using our comprehensive Internal Communication Assessment. Then we make recommendations for short- and long-term improvements.

Want to know how your employee communication program stacks up to the best? Benchmarking best practices identifies opportunities for improvement for your program. We identify best-in-class organizations to benchmark against, conduct interviews with stakeholders, analyze data and compile results into a detailed report with strategic recommendations.

Conducting qualitative research—such as employee focus groups and interviews—is great way to explore issues, test concepts and generate recommendations so you can make meaningful changes to your employee communication program. Using our decades of research experience, we conduct meaningful employee focus groups and one-on-one interviews with leaders and other stakeholders to gain perspectives and ideas.

Scorecards provide a snapshot of how your communication program—or specific effort—is performing. Regularly reporting on internal communication metrics will help you make your case for change and demonstrate the value of your efforts. We design the right scorecard by selecting key metrics, then populate it with a mix of new and existing data.

Surveys are a great way to get employee feedback on specific efforts—such as a town hall or a big change—or to measure your overall internal communication program. We define clear objectives, design the survey, analyze data and suggest recommendations. As a result, you have the evidence you need to make informed decisions and demonstrate the value of your work.

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