Brainstorm Meeting

Have you been part of a brainstorm where colleagues didn’t say a word or ideas were shut down? Have you facilitated a brainstorm but weren’t satisfied with the results? Do you feel like working virtually makes brainstorming impossible?

The key to unlocking a great brainstorming session is in your hands!

Yes, the workplace has evolved—we can no longer easily feed off each other’s creative energy in a room. However, brainstorming still remains a great way to generate fresh ideas and engage employees. So, let’s adapt!

Learn what it takes to run a successful brainstorm in this workshop.
Our in-house strategic advisors will answer your questions and reveal the secrets to a successful brainstorm, including:

  • Preparing for your session
  • Driving meaningful participation
  • Overcoming common obstacles
  • Keeping participants engaged after the brainstorm

All tailored to your company’s needs! Contact us to learn more about running this workshop for your team.

We are grateful to have had Alyssa at Davis & Company lead our team in improving its brainstorms. Alyssa took significant time to understand our team, our workflow and our challenges when it comes to ideation. Her demonstrated grasp of our team allowed for an impactful 90-minute session where 20-plus teammates asked questions and engaged with her content—a rare feat for a team that often struggles with virtual meeting fatigue. As a result, many of our rising leaders team are demonstrating more preparation and more intentionality around our precious ideation time.

Director, Social Media, ESPN

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