Looking to make your employee communication efforts more effective?

49 ways to improve employee communication (for iPad) will show you how to make immediate improvements, plan for long-term success and measure the effectiveness of your efforts. From print to online channels, from leader communication to social media, 49 ways covers all the essentials of employee communication. And because 49 ways contains examples, widgets, quizzes and other interesting stuff, it’s a fun and useful way to build your skills.

How can this book help you?

This interactive guide will help you improve employee communication from planning objectives to executing tactics to measuring success. The multi-touch functionality will guide you through a learning process that includes:

  • Tip and tricks that are easy to implement
  • Links to supporting case studies
  • Pop-up windows with more interesting information
  • Advice on where to find inspiration
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge

What does it include?

49 ways is a comprehensive guide for employee communication that brings you through all the tips and tricks you need to know about making the most of your efforts, including:

  • Creating a communication plan that works
  • Helping leaders communicate more effectively
  • Creating compelling channels
  • Using visuals to cut through the clutter
  • Engaging employees through social media
  • Making meetings matter
  • Measuring communication effectiveness

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