Use data and feedback to fine-tune your communication strategy

My clients are always looking to improve their communication strategy but sometimes don’t know where to start. The first thing I like to do is dig into measurement. 

Whether it’s metrics from your company intranet, running real-time polls during town halls or conducting a robust audit, you probably already have useful data to make impactful upgrades. 

Often, there is one “aha” moment when reviewing data—that one nugget helps you identify a meaningful change to your communication strategy or tactics.

Here are three of my favorite examples: 

Analyzing survey results led to content owner training 

I worked with a pharmaceutical site where we measured communication annually. One year, we noticed negative survey results for “usefulness of the intranet” and increased open-ended feedback about the intranet. To understand why this was happening, we reviewed intranet structure and page content. 

“Aha” moment: We realized that content was outdated because page owners weren’t making regular updates, and we needed to make them accountable. 

So, we held a refresher training for all page owners on how and when to update, as well as outlined expectations for the future.

Reviewing intranet metrics led to more leader visibility 

A medical technology company focused on sharing the right mix of content on the intranet to better engage employees. The only measurement tool we had was intranet metrics, so we dug into views, likes and comments, and compared them to the content strategy. 

“Aha” moment: Employees viewed and liked messages from leadership the most, yet only a few articles were posted. Based on this information, we created a dedicated leader blog that was featured on the homepage and updated regularly. 

A communication audit led to establishing a new channel system 

A chemical and consumer goods company came to Davis & Company needing a communication overhaul. We conducted a communication audit, which provided qualitative and quantitative feedback. 

“Aha” moment: With too many channels, employees didn’t know where to find the information they needed. We defined a detailed communication system, including the purpose of each communication channel, when it should be used, what types of content should be shared and clear guidelines on how to use each. 

The magic of measurement can help you make impactful changes to your communication strategy. If you’re ready to take measurement to the next level, check out our Smart guide: Use deep insights to create breakthrough employee communication.

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