Every writer has at some point stared at a blinking cursor in frustration, unable to get started or make progress on a piece of writing. The best way to get unstuck? Step away from your computer. While a computer has many positive attributes, inspiring creativity isn't one of them. So next time you need to break the block, try these off-the-grid tips:

NotepadGo old school
Pull out a pen and a notepad and "frame" your piece by writing the objective at the top and outlining "chunks" of key information you need your audience to know. Under each chunk add supporting points.


CrayonsChannel your inner kindergartener
When children are learning to read and write, they're encouraged to draw pictures and then put words underneath. You don't need the 64 count of Crayola® Crayons to do this; simple sketching, or creating a mind map will get your thoughts organized or will help you picture how to write descriptions.


NotesLose your notes
Usually when you sit down to write, you have background information—perhaps notes from an interview or a PowerPoint deck a source provided—laid out on your desk, which you draw on. Instead, read through your notes and then put them away, recalling the most important points from memory. Pull notes out only when you need to fill in details.