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Take control of change communication with David Pitre

Our own David Pitre is the featured speaker in this series on Constructive Communications on Tuesday, October 27 at 8-9:30 a.m. in Waterloo, ON, Canada.

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Pump up the energy at your next meeting

How do you know your meeting is in trouble? When participants sit motionless like overstuffed seat cushions.

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When virtual meetings run amok

Creating an effective virtual experience takes a great level of planning and facilitation. Learn how to identify and overcome seven virtual meeting challenges with our new Smart guide! 

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Bring workshops to you

Our on-site and virtual workshops offer participants a chance to enhance their skills and knowledge during an interactive learning session. Tell us what topics you're interested in.

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Employee communication experts

If you need help engaging employees, Davis & Company is the firm for you. We were pioneers in our industry—and we continue to lead with innovative solutions that reach, engage & motivate.

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