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Use design to make your communication more powerful

Employees are bombarded with communication and have little time to spend with it. They’re reading less, scanning more and hitting the delete button.

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Need to improve employee communication? Try focus groups

Focus groups are a flexible research tool that allow for a thorough exploration of an issue. They are great for clarifying survey results, generating ideas...

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Measurement infographics

Take your employee communication metrics to the next level! These helpful infographics will help you: understand your audience, identify and use existing metrics, and polish your survey questions.

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How to conduct employee focus groups

This comprehensive guide shows you how to get the employee feedback you need to successfully implement internal programs and initiatives.

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Employee communication experts

If you need help engaging employees, Davis & Company is the firm for you. We were pioneers in our industry—and we continue to lead with innovative solutions that reach, engage & motivate.

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