You know that measuring effectiveness is becoming more and more important—especially to demonstrate the value of communication to data-driven senior leaders.

But you struggle with how to sustain a measurement effort, when time is tight, the budget is limited and math has never been your favorite subject.

In this workshop, we will show you how to overcome the obstacles that keep you from assessing and measuring your program. You’ll get answers to questions like these:

  • Is a comprehensive survey the best way to measure, or are spot surveys a better bet?
  • Are web polls “real” measurement or just a fun activity?
  • How do I write questions that get credible results?
  • What’s the role of web trends and other activity metrics?
  • How about focus groups? Are they a valid form of measurement?
  • Is there a reliable approach for testing how much employees know about a topic?
  • What are best-practice companies doing to measure employee communication?       

Best of all, you’ll have tons of time to pick our brains, and ask for advice on how you can take your measurement to the next level, whether you’re just beginning, have some experience or are ready to become an expert.

Here’s your chance to improve your skills while spending time with our experts.

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