If you’re like most communicators, an important part of your role is to help the CEO and/or business and functional leaders communicate with their employees.

But supporting leaders can be a thankless (and frustrating) job. Leaders think they know everything about communicating. They often prefer a scripted, packaged experience. And they’re reluctant to try anything new.

If you would like to influence and shape better leader communication, this workshop is for you. Our premise is simple: Every leader can improve his or her communication effectiveness, and every communicator can help.

You’ll learn how to:
• Increase trust with leaders (psssst, the secret is visibility!)
• Help leaders understand their communication role (what employees expect from them)
• Influence leaders by appealing to their minds (through facts) but also their emotions
• Demonstrate results to build a foundation for future influence

Here’s your chance to improve your skills while spending time with our experts.

Upcoming workshops

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