Over 33 years, we’ve conducted surveys and focus groups with thousands of employees. Guess what? They have lots to say about how communication is managed and delivered. 

If you’re planning to make a change to your employee communication program, update a key channel or develop a plan for a major initiative, this session is for you.

We’ve combed through volumes of data to find the ideas that will make your communication sparkle for employees. David Pitre and Alyssa Zeff will share what employees have told us and strategies to address their needs and preferences.

During this one-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How employees define effective communication and what drives their satisfaction
  • What employees say about communication channels, leader and manager communication, their knowledge of key topics, and how they would change communcation if they were in charge
  • How to leverage employees’ feedback: from quick and easy-to-implement ideas to adding new communication channels

Here’s your chance to improve your skills while spending time with our experts.

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