Are your employee communication channels causing employees to sit up and take notice or hit the snooze button? Employees today are sophisticated media consumers. They can choose from an infinite array of devices, apps and platforms to find information or be entertained. So they bring their high expectations to work when they visit the intranet site, open the newsletter or watch a leader video.

How can you make sure your vehicles or channels are keeping pace with the changing communication landscape instead of just plodding along?

In this workshop, we will show you how to put the latest external trends and techniques into practice. You’ll learn simple ways to cut through the clutter and reach employees through every channel.

You'll learn how to:

  • Make the connection between external communication practices and employees’ expectations
  • Craft a compelling story that translates company information to personally relevant content
  • Identify quick wins you can implement easily, even when budget and technology are barriers
  • Make a case for change, even when stakeholders are newspaper-reading dinosaurs
  • Implement improvements immediately, to give your channel a fresh new perspective

Here’s your chance to improve your skills while spending time with our experts.

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