General Mills wanted help measuring the effectiveness of its internal communication programs. Using industry best...Read more
Aptalis’ IT department was recieveing complaints following a merger, so we created a strategic communication program to...Read more
NII needed our help communicating a new performance management process. We designed visual communications to give NII’s...Read more
Consumer Reports, introduced a new competency model to promote leadership throughout the organization. We designed a...Read more
After Merck merged with Schering-Plough, the Global Services team wanted its new leaders to form personal connections...Read more
NII needed our help updating its employee handbook. We worked with the HR and legal teams to develop a comprehensive...Read more
Wakefern executives decided their stores needed to be more environmentally friendly, so we designed a waste reduction...Read more
Princess Cruises wanted to update a recognition program. We used employee feedback to revitalize the program to connect...Read more
Tyco wanted a new way to communicate with employees, so the company recruited us to engage employees and drive adoption.Read more


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