Do your internal clients treat you like an order-taker, requesting one-off tasks like “format this presentation” or “write that article”? Do you wish you could move beyond the to-do lists and be recognized for being an expert in employee communication?

If so, it’s time to up your game. Show colleagues that you can deliver results, and they’ll treat you like a strategic advisor instead of a Yes Man (or Woman). Start by using measurement to demonstrate the impact of your work. Here’s how:


Track reach
To be effective, communication must first reach its employee audience. Track participation with metrics like website clicks, emails opened, meeting attendance and time spent on intranet pages.


Measure outcomes
Even more important than participation is demonstrating that communication is having an effect on such key outcomes as building employee knowledge. Use survey research to measure employee understanding of key topics. Measure consistently and periodically to show how knowledge is increasing over time.


Demonstrate impact
Get into the habit of reporting on results. Create a one-page scorecard that highlights key metrics, and share those results with key stakeholders. When making a recommendation or consulting on a new issue, use metrics to make your case about why you advise using certain approaches.

The result? Colleagues will see that partnering with you achieves measurable outcomes, and leaders will appreciate the value communications adds to the organization.

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