Need to update your company's employee handbook? Instead of settling for a dry, complicated approach that will gather dust on a shelf or be ignored on your intranet, try a different recipe. Add the following friendly ingredients to basic policies and benefits:

  1. Start with the icing on the cake: a title that entices employees. Some examples: Working Together, Welcome Aboard or Getting Started.
  2. Add photos of smiling human faces to create warmth.
  3. Serve up a writing style that is light and informal. Eliminate legalese or "corporate speak" that will turn off readers.
  4. Watch serving sizes. Give employees only top-level information about policies and benefits they absolutely need; have them visit the company intranet for details.
  5. Add spice. Use white space, photos, color and graphics to bring content to life.
  6. Sprinkle lightly with humor. Just a touch helps employees to absorb important information that is presented with a little comic relief.
Davis & CompanyEven a serious subject can be handled with a smile
For Davis & Company's own handbook, we've made sure to practice what we preach—including using humor to lighten up serious topics. For example, here's an excerpt from our handbook section on office security.



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