onboarding meeting


Do new employees in your organization spend their first day watching presentations about benefits and policies, filling out forms and signing their name? If your onboarding process is front-end loaded, new employees probably end their first day feeling exhausted instead of engaged.

There is a better way! Stop orientation overload by rethinking how you share information. Here’s how to get started:

Don’t do this   Do this   Start by
Try to cover everything employees need to know in one day Schedule short blocks of time over the employee’s first month of work to share information in small bites Sitting down with your stack of orientation paperwork and prioritizing information by what’s most important and when employees need to take action

Hand new employees a stack of complicated benefit and policy forms to complete on their own Develop easy-to-follow instructions that tell employees exactly how to fill out forms. (How many times have you set a aside a form “to do later” because it seemed too long or complicated?) Reviewing forms for difficult jargon and unclear or non-existent instructions

Make Human Resources do all the heavy lifting and leave supervisors out of the process Create a toolkit that explains to supervisors their role in supporting onboarding Holding a focus group with supervisors to determine what they’re doing now and test your ideas for how they can become more involved


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