Workplace communication channels

Employees are often overwhelmed by all the communication being sent from digital channels, especially emails. In fact, many employees are so fed up they ignore messages and consequently miss important communication.

So, ditch digital and go old school with posters. This simple channel can help get your message to employees as they walk around the workplace.

Follow these six tips to create compelling content for posters:


Limit your content to one message

Focus on one main point and provide only the most important information. This way, your message to employees is clear and clutter-free.


Stay relevant

Provide content about recent news or happenings at your location. Remember to keep content up to date; employees don’t want to read about an upcoming event that happened last week.


Create persuasive content

What’s on your poster needs to entice employees in order to grab their attention. Add wording like “Don’t miss your chance” or “Register now” to motivate action.


Pique interest with a compelling image

Use one eye-catching visual to underscore your theme. Think billboard.


Highlight key information with various colors

Help employees pinpoint necessary information by making the most important content a different color than the rest.


Have fun

Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. For example, include images of animals depicting humans or show visuals with funny cartoon characters. After all, who wants to read a boring poster?