When a communication plan reflects the insight and knowledge of key stakeholders, it is more likely to gain the necessary perspective and buy in to be successful. So, why not include them in your planning process?

Here are suggestions for who to include and what they can offer:

1. Senior leader
“I support this.”

Endorsement from an executive sponsor validates your efforts and influences other key stakeholders to get involved. The sponsor can also help remove some of the red tape associated with implementing the plan.
2. Functional support
“Here's what we can do."

Do you have the infrastructure and resources to get your plan off the ground? Consult with skilled individuals from IT, HR, finance, etc., to determine if your plan is technically feasible.
3. Subject matter experts
“I know a lot about this.”

Turn to the experts for detailed information on the topic about which you are communicating. For example, if you're writing about the company's new tuition reimbursement program, gather the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where” and “how much” of the benefit from the person responsible for managing the plan.
4. Regional/site representatives
“How will we experience this?”

Involving employees from other regions or sites can provide fresh ideas and give insight into how well your plan will be accepted in other work cultures or environments. Additionally, you will create a team of advocates who can help ensure your plan's success at their location.





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