In every survey we conduct, employees tell us they want more communication from their leaders. The problem: Leaders are so busy that they don’t have time for even one more town hall, small group meeting, blog post or video interview.

The solution? Follow leaders around, leverage what they’re already doing and share it across all employee communication channels.

Here are seven ways to increase visibility without asking leaders for more of their time:

1. Repurpose perspectives for a microblog
Leaders have no shortage of thoughts and opinions. The key is to capture what they say—in both internal and external venues—and repackage it into 25- to 50-word observations. Just like that, you’ve got microblog entries such as these: “I am currently working on an exciting project,” or “I was recently at a conference and learned something new.”
2. Create podcasts
Your senior leader was just interviewed on a radio or TV program or made a speech. Use the audio portion to create a podcast to post on the intranet. Employees can listen to short segments right on their computers and download longer versions to play later.
3. Share Q’s and A’s
Every time an employee asks a question and a leader answers it, great content is created. But what happens at a town hall doesn’t have to stay at the town hall. Instead, record the Q’s and A’s and edit them to post on your social media platform.
4. Upcycle presentation slides
After a leader presents at a town hall or other forum, curate the best PowerPoint slides and create topic-specific slideshows. Did the leader talk about customer service? Quality improvement? A new initiative? Each can become a separate slide module.
5. Capture quotable quotes
Whenever your leader says something meaningful and memorable (even if you helped shape it), collect those quotes. Then create sidebars or callouts for the electronic newsletter or intranet news page.
6. Give photos the Instagram treatment
Got a smartphone with a camera? Of course you do! Take candids (but not selfies) of the leader interacting with employees, whether he/she is visiting a site, holding a small group meeting, helping break ground at a new facility or simply walking around. Write a quick caption and you’ve got great material for any channel.
7. Vine-ify video clips
You’ll probably need more than six seconds, but use the spirit of Vine to edit existing video footage into very short segments. The key is to make them topic-specific and able to be viewed quickly.



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