meeting effectiveness questions


The CEO has just led a town hall meeting on the state of the business. She asks you, "How do we know if the meeting was effective?" And then she asks, "Also, how does this town hall compare to the one we did last quarter?"

You're ready for the CEO's questions because you have a five-question survey that you use consistently, session after session, to get participants' feedback. By creating questions that relate to the objectives of your face-to-face program, and making sure those questions are used every time, you have a way to report metrics, identify trends and make improvements.

Your questions should address two areas:

1. Objectives. Be clear about what you're trying to achieve and measure against that.

  • What do you want employees to know? (knowledge)
  • What do you want employees to do? (behavior)
  • How do you want employees to feel? (attitude)

2. Satisfaction. Assess how satisfied employees are with the meeting experience. Satisfaction has many drivers, but our favorites are:

  • Opportunity to participate
  • Information is relevant to my job/role
  • Information is useful or valuable
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