You know that employees won’t open the newsletter or visit the homepage unless content is fresh, unique and useful. But you struggle with finding information employees haven’t seen before. The solution? Create an editorial board with representatives from various divisions, locations and/or functions to be your eyes and ears for discovering compelling content.

Editorial boards for internal communication play a different role than those at major media like The New York Times. Although members may influence a channel’s direction, their key function is to represent their part of the organization, suggesting articles or other content to share accomplishments, and showcase teams and individuals.

There’s no doubt that establishing an editorial board takes work. But with good nutrition and regular exercise, you can make sure an editorial board is healthy and active.

Here is how to build a great (editorial board) “body”:

Create content guidelines to get your board members thinking differently about the work they do and how it could appeal to their colleagues.
Enlist members from different groups to help gauge the pulse of your organization.
Stay strong: Equip your board with tools they need to generate content, from articles to photos to videos.
Your role as communicator is to filter articles from the board to be sure content meets established guidelines.
Keep moving: Schedule regular meetings with the board to stay connected and maintain momentum. 



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