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Zzzzzzz. Do employees doze off during team or project meetings? Unless you carefully plan these regular meetings, they can turn into status-laden, painfully boring snore fests.

But the right tools and processes can transform meetings into productive, engaging experiences. Here are four strategies for taking your next meeting from boring to brilliant:

Instead of doing that   Do this   Here's how

Spend most of the time with just one person droning on and on and on . . .

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Involve a wider spectrum of team members


  • Ask one or two team members to report progress on a specific project component
  • Invite a team member to share best practices



Talk about the same dull subjects every time

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Cover topics that are of greatest interest to participants


  • Ask the open-ended question: “What is going to impact your area?”
  • Create a poll about potential topics and ask team members to rate interest


Focus on sharing updates and reporting progress

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Engage team members to solve problems and generate ideas


  • Do a “deep dive” on one or two topics, and then ask team members a question and facilitate discussion
  • Hold a problem-solving discussion on a certain issue (Team member says, “Let me describe my challenge” and participants are invited to offer ideas)


Use PowerPoint for everything

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Think outside the box to create interest


  • Create an “interview with…” segment structured as a radio show
  • Celebrate successes by showing photos of team members who have made significant accomplishments
  • Show a fun, off-the-shelf video to inject humor into the meeting



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