employee communication challenges


While employee communication can certainly be rewarding, there are plenty of challenges you face in reaching and engaging employees. But don’t let the obstacles get you down! Here are six ways to overcome even the toughest challenges:


Creating a communication plan that’s achievable

man contemplating

What? You don’t think putting a plasma screen in every bathroom stall is a realistic goal? How to tackle this challenge.


Building PowerPoint presentations that don’t put people to sleep

woman sleeping on laptop

Great! Another PowerPoint…nap time! How to tackle this challenge.


Controlling employee “buzz” after announcing a big change

work gossip

OMG! Did you hear what she said? How to tackle this challenge.

4 Making content easier to find on your microsite

frustrated employee

I feel so…lost…How to tackle this challenge.

5 Encouraging employees to participate in voluntary benefits

woman daydreaming

Put more money into my 401(k) for retirement or buy a timeshare in Key West? What to do…what to do…How to tackle this challenge.

6 Avoiding that uncomfortable silence during town hall Q&A’s

employees not talking

Any questions? *crickets chirping* How to tackle this challenge.

We can help you tackle any employee communication challenge