You spend hours developing content for your intranet news page, so you’re frustrated when employees don’t stop by for a visit. Which makes you wonder, “How can I encourage higher participation?"

Start here: Take a close look at available web metrics—generated by Google Analytics or other tools—to track employee behavior. Once you’ve got the facts, analyze them to determine which content employees prefer.

Here are five ways to put this approach into action:

Intranet metric   What it tells you   How to use it
Most-viewed pages Which web pages are viewed the highest number of times Save space on these high-traffic pages for information employees need to see
Average visit duration How much time employees spend on the portal in one session Customize your content to be read within that amount of time
Traffic sources Sources employees click to access the portal Review these sites to understand what content employees like
Unique search results Topics employees are browsing for Develop content that gives users what they’re searching for
Mobile usage Which devices employees use to view the intranet Shape your content into shorter, bite-size segments that best fit a mobile device




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