Revamped employee newsletter

How can you make a newsletter, intranet news page or other vehicle interesting for employees? We’ve shared advice on how to make channels more compelling, but there’s one secret ingredient that communicators often overlook.

That ingredient is fun. Why is fun so important? Fun takes something boring and makes it entertaining. It turns dread into excitement. Fun may seem challenging to achieve in a typical corporate culture, but it’s possible in even the most conservative environment. Here’s how:

Put on those 3D glasses 
Vintage 3D glassesIf you’re nervous about fun, start small: Add visual elements that are a bit unexpected. Try color. Experiment with icons. Introduce a cartoon.
Get interactive
Woman tapping a tabletWhen the only thing employees can do is read, that’s not much fun. But when employees can participate—take a poll, make a comment, post a photo—the experience is much more satisfying.
Add Grumpy Cat to everything
Photo of Tartar Sauce, also known as Grumpy Cat, © Grumpy Cat LimitedWe don’t mean this literally—but we do suggest you build on the appeal of a compelling persona. Instead, add an element in your branding that will make vehicles more personable. You could create a character that gives simple explanations and answers questions. 
Lights, Camera, Action
Movie clapboardWhen people see videos, they think of YouTube: fun, interesting, fast moving and no talking heads. So on your next video, veer away from the norm and add something that will grab attention (e.g., green screen, animation, etc.). If you feature a leader, ask him/her to have fun with it—to do something unexpected that will create intrigue.
(LOL) Laugh out loud 
Stand up comedian at a microphone in front of small audienceYou don’t have to be the next Kevin Hart. Adding even a little bit of humor to any vehicle makes it easier to read for the audience. Implement creative wordplay into the title to grab people’s attention.



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